Jul 12, 2024  
ACE Employee Handbook 2020 
ACE Employee Handbook 2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leave of Absence: Emergency Leave

ACE recognizes that unexpected and sudden emergencies arise that may require you to be out for any amount of time. This policy outlines ACE’s pay practices for such an event for employees holding positions of VP and above.


All full-time employees who are holding a VP or above position, and who do not accrue regular PTO per policy.

Employee Leave

Employees who suffer an illness or accident that results in incapacitation for any amount of time will be given up to 30 calendar days paid at the regular salary amount.  In instances where the employee cannot communicate, HR will work directly with family members to ensure Emergency Leave is enabled and paid. 

Dependent Leave

Employees who need to take leave to care for a dependent will be given 14 calendar days paid at the regular salary amount. Dependents are considered to be the spouse and/or children of the employee. This will run congruent with FMLA (see FMLA policy).