Jul 23, 2024  
ACE Employee Handbook 2020 
ACE Employee Handbook 2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Our History and Ownership

Our History

Our founders hailed from a family of educators who understood the economic, academic and time barriers that far too often prevented these servant-leaders from advancing in their careers. In order to fill the gap and provide affordable programs that allowed them to work and learn simultaneously, American College of Education was born. Originally dedicated to the education vertical, ACE now serves a range of professions, and professionals, who are eager to serve their communities by improving their own professional skillset and knowledge.

As a 100% online institution, ACE provides our students access to coursework that helps expedite time to completion and eliminates the cost of campus infrastructure traditionally subsidized by tuition. With consistent, double-digit growth that is propelled by our high-quality programs and our reputation for putting students first, we now serve more than 6,000 students annually and are one of the top conferrers of M.Ed. degrees in the country.

As of 2020, ACE offers degrees, certificates and micro-credentials in a range of fields, including  education, nursing, healthcare, business, leadership, and interdisciplinary. Regardless of the field or the degree level, our programs are developed by subject-matter experts for immediate, practical application in the professional world. Entirely online. Always low cost. Forever with the interests of our students - and the communities they serve - at heart.


American College of Education is a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE HoldCo PBC, 2200 Ross Avenue, Suite 3800, Dallas, TX 75201; 214-438-4100.