Jul 23, 2024  
ACE Employee Handbook 2019 
ACE Employee Handbook 2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ACE Employee Handbook 2019

Welcome to Your Online Handbook

On behalf of all of us here at American College of Education (“ACE”) we want to welcome you to the team!  At ACE we believe we have a great group of employees. This Employee Handbook (the “Handbook”) was developed to help you understand the expectations of our employees as well as outline the policies, programs, and benefits available to each employee. Please read and familiarize yourself with the contents of this Handbook as soon as possible.

It is your responsibility to read this handbook. You will be notified regarding any Handbook changes via e-mail. We encourage you to consult with your supervisor or Human Resources (“HR”) if you have any questions. 

By working together as a team, we can strive to make every day at ACE challenging and rewarding for all employees, as well as for the educators and students who depend on us. We extend our personal best wishes for your success and happiness with us.