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ACE Employee Handbook 2019 
ACE Employee Handbook 2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Paid Time Off - Faculty

Core and Senior Core Faculty PTO

Although Personal Time Off [PTO] is an aspect of full-time employment with ACE, it becomes critical to plan and anticipate then PTO may be utilized.  Your presence and accessibility to students during each term is critical. There are three (3) paid scheduled break weeks built into the academic calendar, therefore any additional time off needs to be submitted for PTO. 

In addition to PTO and break weeks, all full-time faculty are eligible to take a paid five (5) week sabbatical every five years beginning the fifth year of full-time employment.  Sabbaticals are scheduled and approved in the same manner as PTO, however other restrictions apply.  Sabbaticals may not be taken within twelve (12) months of a performance improvement plan.  Paid sabbatical time is not accrued and therefore will not be available for payout upon separation from ACE.  

PTO and other time off is illustrated below:


Annual PTO Accrual

Paid Breaks

Core and Senior Core Faculty

48 Hours (6 workdays)

Accrue 12 hours per quarter


Core and Senior Core Faculty


Spring Break (40 hours)

Core and Senior Core Faculty


Fall Break (40 hours)

Core and Senior Core Faculty


Winter Break (40 hours)

Core and Senior Core Faculty

Every 5 years beginning 5th year of full-time employment


Five (5) week Sabbatical

(200 hours)

The following are guidelines to be used when scheduling your PTO:

  • All PTO requests must be approved by your manager.
  • PTO hours do not carry over year to year.  All PTO hours will be reset to zero the first payroll of the year.
  • Sabbatical PTO requests must be made two five-week terms prior to the term of request (i.e. if requested for the April term, request must be made by the January term). Furthermore, if teaching in a 10-week term, a sabbatical cannot be approved during that term (would need to be taken in the next).
  • All sabbatical requests will be reviewed by department chair and approved based on scheduling, if the selected term is not available for a sabbatical the faculty member will work with the department chair for another term off.