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ACE Employee Handbook 2022 
ACE Employee Handbook 2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Purchasing Policy

Policy Statement

As a certified B Corporation, ACE strives to implement sustainability practices.  This purchasing policy will advocate how those at ACE will work to reduce their negative environmental impact when purchasing items using ACE funds for the Indianapolis and Dallas offices, as well as any ACE sponsored event.


Employees Impacted

Any employee using ACE funds to purchase goods.



Environmentally Friendly: earth-friendly, little to no harm to the environment, safe on the environment 

Sustainability:  avoid the decrease of natural resources, maintain ecological balance 

Locally sourced: products and food items produced and consumed within a 100-150 miles radius, “from farm to table” concept 

Negative environmental impact: total amount of greenhouse gases produced, measurement of amount of carbon dioxide and methane produced, destruction of natural habitats and resources, individual’s impact of their activities/behaviors on global climate change 



Purchase products and food items that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, support B Corporation organizations, fair trade, and from local resources in order to reduce our negative environmental impact. The college acknowledges that there might be a slightly higher price to pay for sustainable and environmentally friendly products.  If the more sustainable product is > 10% higher than the less sustainable alternative, please contact the CFO for approval before proceeding. 

Use the following as a guide when making purchases:


Office Supplies 

Packaging and Mailing Supplies 

Cleaning Supplies 

Food and Beverage Supplies 

Food Products 


Recycled printing paper 

Reduced chemical content 

Biodegradable or compostable 

Environmentally friendly pens, clips, 

Refillable dry erase markers 

Biodegradable packing peanuts or recycled packing paper 

Environmentally friendly shipping boxes 

Reusing shipping boxes and other postage materials 

Environmentally friendly 


Compostable trash bags 

Recycled paper towels 

B Corporations 

Compostable coffee cups, straws, utensils, plates 

Reusable straws, cups, dishware, silverware, water bottles 

Reusable bags: sandwich, produce, grocery 

Recycled napkins 


Rainforest Alliance Certified 

B Corporations 

Farmer’s Market 

Seasonally available produce 


Non-refillable dry erase markers 

Items with harsh chemicals or chemicals harmful to the environment upon disposal 

Plastics that cannot be recycled 

Styrofoam packing peanuts 

Plastic materials that contain toxic chemicals   

Air fresheners 


Plastic kitchen products (plates, utensils, etc.) 

Plastic stir straws 

Processed foods: Potato chips, candy, instant meals, etc… 

Fast foods: MacDonald’s, Burger King, Jack-in-the Box, etc… 

High fat content foods: Fried foods, etc… 

Other: Alcohol and tobacco  

Contact [email protected] for questions