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ACE Employee Handbook 2022 
ACE Employee Handbook 2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leave of Absence: Personal Leave

If you do not qualify for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, you may be granted a personal leave of absence. Personal leaves may be granted at ACE’s sole discretion to full-time employees who wish to take more than three (3) days off from work. You must have completed twelve (12) months of service to qualify for a personal leave of absence.

Requests for personal leave should be submitted to your manager in writing for approval. A Leave of Absence Request form can be obtained through HR.

Requests for personal leave are not guaranteed, however, and will be evaluated based on a number of factors, including anticipated workload requirements and staffing considerations during the proposed period of absence. Personal leave may be granted in thirty (30) day increments, not to exceed a total of twelve (12) weeks in a rolling twelve (12) month period, unless otherwise required by applicable law.

If both you and your spouse are employed by ACE and request a personal leave to care for an immediate family member other than your spouse, you will be eligible for a combined maximum time off of twelve (12) weeks in any rolling twelve (12) month period.

Employees who are granted a personal leave will be required to apply all accrued PTO days toward the leave; any remaining portion of personal leave will be unpaid. Holiday pay will not be available to employees on a personal leave of absence once your PTO has been exhausted.

You will continue to be responsible for your portion of the health insurance premiums while you are out on a personal leave of absence. You must make arrangements with HR to pay your portion of the health insurance premiums during your leave period. Failure to pay your portion of the premiums will result in termination of your benefits and, only upon returning from your leave, will you be added back to the benefit plans.

When the personal leave period has expired, every reasonable effort will be made to return you to your same or similar position. However, ACE cannot guarantee reinstatement in the same or similar position in all instances. If you fail to report to work promptly at the expiration of the approved leave, ACE will assume that you have voluntarily resigned your position.