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ACE Catalog - Volume 25 
ACE Catalog - Volume 25 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Handbook - Student Services and Support

Interlibrary Loan

The American College of Education Library provides interlibrary loan service so that current ACE staff, faculty and students may obtain electronic research materials that ACE library does not own or have access to. This service is governed by the American Library Association’s Interlibrary Loan Code and the US Copyright Revision Act of 1976 (17. United States Code. 101 et seq.) and its amendments.

ACE library utilizes Article Exchange, A cloud-based, document-sharing site that provides a single secure, location where lending libraries worldwide can place requested documents and library users can retrieve articles or book chapters obtained for them via interlibrary loan.

Library General Information and Access

American College of Education is committed to providing the best college-level library resources and services for its students. As a fast-growing online college, ACE supports all academic programs with digital books, full-text journals, and online multi-media resources through its Library.

For ACE online students and faculty, “Going to the Library” today means using a computer device and Library web pages to:

  • Search free and fee-based online databases effectively for scholarly information.
  • Secure assistance from professional librarians via live chat, SMS texting, e-mail, phone, Canvas inbox messaging, or discussion boards.
  • Link full-text publications to a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or hand-held book reader, if rights to provide digital content are provided by authors or publishers.
  • Access interlibrary loan services and/or use local libraries for publications not available in digital formats.
  • Evaluate the contents of digital and print publications for authenticity, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and completeness of coverage of the subject.
  • Integrate scholarly information into their research and writing.
  • Use information literacy skills for their own lifelong learning.
  • Promote information literacy skills to all children in K-12 schools.

Searching for free books and journals on the Open Web using Google, Firefox, or other web search engines is often a frustrating experience. While a lot of information is available in digital format, publishers and authors control its availability. Many publishers do not allow free access to a complete book or to current journal issues. Therefore, ACE subscribes to specialized fee-based databases allowing only ACE students and faculty access to full-text books and journal articles. From either the Library links in the LMS or the MyAthens portal, students and faculty can access more than a million citations to digital books, ERIC documents, and full-text journal articles in the field of education with an OpenAthens ID and password.

Library Online Reference

The American College of Education library staff provide online reference services via the “Email a Librarian” link or the “ACE Library Chat” on the library website and in the Discovery Service results. A response will usually be sent within 48 hours from the email.

Student Services Information

We are glad you are a student at ACE. During your time here, we vow to provide you with support in your educational goals. A list of services and offices is provided below to help direct your questions. In addition, each ACE student is assigned a Student Success Coach at time of enrollment. This individual can serve as your primary point of contact for all general ACE questions. Please visit the MyACE Portal to determine your Student Success Coach and obtain his/her contact information. 

In addition to your individual Student Success Coach, the entire Student Services team is available to you from the time you enroll to post graduation. Please contact this team via phone at 1-800-280-0307 ext.1 or email - [email protected].

Student Services Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM (ET)
Saturday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (ET) (week before term start and week of term start)
Sunday 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM (ET) (week before term start and week of term start)




Academic Advising

Course-related academic advising will generally be provided by the course faculty member. When a student or faculty determines additional assistance is needed, a request can be made to Student Services. A response usually follows within 24 hours.


The Admissions team is responsible for reviewing all candidates for entry or Reentry into the College.

  • Admissions Decisions
  • Program Change Approvals
  • Re-Entry Reviews/Decisions
  • Transfer Credit Decisions

Canvas Technical Support
(24 hours)


ACE’s Student Services team can assist with the majority of technical support (password reset, navigation, etc.). In rare instances, when a more technical issue arises, you can contact Canvas directly or submit a support ticket. Live Chat Support is also available on the Canvas website.The Canvas Student Quick-start Guide can be accessed at here

Department of Business

Department Chair: Dr. Marc Aguilera Marc 


Department of Healthcare

Department Chair: Dr. Byron Barton 

Department of Leadership & Administration 


Department Chair: Dr. Kathleen Stroud

Dissertation Coordinator: Dr. Krista Allen

Program Director-Ed.D. and Ed.S. in Leadership: Dr. Elizabeth Johnson 

Research and Dissertation Coach: Dr. Imani Akin

Department of Nursing 

Department Chair: Dr. Bette Bogdan

Department of Professional Studies

Department Chair: Dr. Cathy McKay

Department of Teaching and Learning

Department Chair: Dr. Tiffany Hamlett 

Department Coordinator: Dr. Katrina Landa 

MAT/T2T Program Coordinator: Dr. Marsha Moore 

Digital Tools Center The Digital Tools Center provides a range of digital resources in five areas including presentation tools, productivity tools, research tools, social media tools, and resources & tips. A link to the center is provided in Student Commons.

Diploma Ordering
(Replacement or Additional copies)


Upon Degree/Certificate conferral, students will receive a diploma/certificate via mail free of charge. Diplomas will be ordered approximately one month after graduation date. Students will be contacted by the registration office to verify information before ordering the diploma/certificate.

If you should need a replacement or an additional diploma, you may order through using the request form available on the MyACE Portal or ACE website. 
Please note: A $30 diploma fee is required for additional/replacement copies. The request will be processed with the next order placed by ACE-typically in the following term.

Disability Support Services


American College of Education complies with the law regarding disability discrimination and provides reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities unless doing so would cause “undue hardship” to the College. A “qualified individual with a disability” is an individual with a disability who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the professional or academic position.

To be considered for disability-related accommodations, individuals are responsible for identifying themselves and disclosing information about their disability to Disability Support Services.


Faculty’s contact information can be found in the “Course Welcome” note in “Instructor’s Studio” in Canvas courses. Faculty should be contacted for the reasons below:

  • First contact for grade issues or questions.
  • Academic support specific to courses.
  • Assignment directions.
  • Assignment submissions.
  • TurnItIn requirements.
  • Course expectations.


The Librarian, Dr. Sandra Quiatkowski, is online at various times in Eastern Standard Time.

Libguidesor EBSCO Discovery Service- 24/7 with your OpenAthens ID and password (same as your MyACE Portal information)

Interlibrary Loan
Order electronic articles and book chapters which are not available in the ACE library collection

Instruction and Help

  • Tutorials
  • Live webinars
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Live chat (on the library tab on the left side in Canvas)-24/7
  • Ask-a-librarian 
  • Help via SMS only number: (317) 671-8578
  • Help via phone
  • Library discussion board in CANVAS for general questions


  • Select appropriate databases
  • Develop keyword searches
  • Evaluate the quality of research


  • Interlibrary Loan
  • Online Reference
  • Copyright

Office of Academic Excellence

Services provided by OAE are as follows:

  • Providing students individualized support in scholarly writing and similar academic needs.
  • Assisting students in their pursuit of gainful employment.
  • Coordinating Disability Support Services (DSS) for faculty and students.
  • Administration of Tutoring Services
  • Diversity and Inclusion Advisor and Initiatives 


Capstones and Internship artifacts (if required) are housed by students and then uploaded into Canvas for grading/review during the Capstone course. Students can find the specific requirements for Capstone completion in the Capstone Resource section located in Student Commons. Students should review these requirements first and if questions persist contact Student Services.

Registration Office

The Registration Office is the official repository of all academic records of the College. Responsible for:

  • Course Scheduling and Registration (including Multiple Course Requests and Course Drops.
  • Verification of enrollment or completion for students and states.
  • Degree Audits and Conferrals.
  • Grades and Transcript Requests.
  • Changes in Enrollment Status (Leave of Absences, Withdrawals, Return from Leave of Absence, etc.).
  • Assignment submissions.
  • TurnItIn requirements.
  • Course expectations.

Scholarly Writing Center

The Writing Center provides self-paced support for a range of issues, including how to effectively use APA. Student/Doctoral Commons can be accessed here.

Student Commons


Student Commons serves as the primary resource area for ACE Students. Students gain access to Student Commons, located in Canvas, shortly after being enrolled at ACE and will have access throughout the duration of their time at ACE. Student Commons houses many helpful resources including the following:

  • Announcements
  • Directory
  • Discussion Boards
  • Capstone Resources
  • Dissertation Resources
  • Internship/Practicum Information (Internship Toolbox)
  • New Student Orientation
  • Student Teaching Information
  • Syllabi Repository
  • Writing Center and Resources

Please take time to familiarize yourself with all the resources in Student Commons. 

Student Request Forms
MyACE Portal 

Forms are required to request changes in names, changes in enrollment or course status, request to take multiple course, etc. In the procedures and policies listed in this Handbook, there are multiple references to completing forms.  These forms are located in the MyACE Portal under student request forms. Thus, these need to be completed accurately and submitted in accordance to the outlined process.

Student Services
1-800-280-0307, Option 1

The Student Services team provides support in the following areas:
  • Advising, directing, or coordinating efforts when a student’s academic progress is identified as Warning, Probation, or at risk of Dismissal.
  • College-Related Questions/General Information & Assistance.
  • Complaint resolution and grade appeal process.
  • Course Navigation.
  • Outreach efforts for students.
  • Supporting students in the Orientation/On-boarding Process.
  • Technical Support: Course Access, MyACE Portal, etc.


If students or graduates need an official copy of their ACE transcript, they may be ordered here. Students must be in good standing with the College in order to obtain official transcripts. Transcript fees are (payable online to the transcript service):

  • $8 per electronic transcript sent via email.
  • $10 per paper transcript (includes domestic first- class mailing charges), plus additional express charges (if applicable).
  • Unofficial transcripts may be obtained through the MyACE portal.