Jul 12, 2024  
2022 Faculty Handbook 
2022 Faculty Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Development

Professional and Scholarly Development (External to ACE)

As an institution dedicated to learning and growing, ACE supports our faculty in their professional and scholarly development. You are encouraged to attend meetings of professional and learned societies as a means of enhancing scholarly/ professional development. Within the limitations of its budget, the College provides financial support for such activities. 

Professional Development Request

To request financial support to attend a conference or seminar, please complete the “Professional Development Request Form” available on Faculty Commons.

Ongoing Professional Development (Internal) 

Professional development plays a key role in supporting teaching excellence at American College of Education. Faculty members and administrators with teaching responsibilities participate in ongoing, job-embedded professional learning activities. Such activities will help ensure quality in the design and delivery of the course content. Many opportunities are available for faculty to participate in development activities. These opportunities include department meetings, workshops, and webinars. Periodically, the College may require or request faculty members to complete training to assist with the student and classroom experience. Each department chair or program director sets the expectations for the department’s faculty in terms of participation. 

Training in Faculty Commons

Faculty members can access the Professional Development and Training Portal to access countless training opportunities are available whenever faculty members wish to access them. It is our hope that these trainings assist our faculty with their instructional practice.