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2022 Faculty Handbook 
2022 Faculty Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The ACE Course: Assignment Types

ACE utilizes a variety of assignments to support course objectives and program outcomes. The assignments listed below are ones that you will likely encounter in your courses at ACE. Please know that not all courses contain all types of assignments; assignments are selected based on course content and objectives. 

Analysis/Application Assignments

Bachelor’s Level

The analysis, application, and reflection assignments are measured throughout various modules in each course throughout the program. The assignments are research-based, practical, and consist of real-world projects which students can apply to their current work settings and future professional endeavors. Typically, the analysis assignment begins in Module 1, while the applications are appropriately measured in Modules 2 through 4, and a final reflection assignment is assessed in Module 5. In some cases, courses may be more focused on research components related to a broader topic in which reflective elements are incorporated into the study by addressing original research questions in a manner that exemplifies the relationship of data gathering, analysis, decision-making, and application.

Master’s Level

The analysis and application assignments are major performance assessments in all courses. The assignments are research-based, practical, and relevant projects students can apply immediately in their work setting. Typically, the analysis assignment is Module 1, and the application project spans Modules 2 through 4. A final reflection assignment is typically submitted in Module 5. 

Doctoral Level

Typically, these assignments focus on research components related to a broader topic. Reflective pieces are incorporated in the study with a strong emphasis on original research questions and relationship to data gathering and analysis.

Key Assessment

A key assessment best displays the knowledge and skills essential to the course objectives and serves as a milestone in the student’s progress toward fulfilling the program outcomes. These are not identified in courses but rather can be found in the Capstone resources available in Student Commons.

Peer Review Assignments

As a peer reviewed activity, the identified task moves through a number of steps which can include: creation of a draft document, submission of the document or project for peer review, peer discussion board,  peer review and feedback, submission in the course and self-grading.

Reflection Assignments 

The reflection assignment provides students with the opportunity to reflect on the knowledge and skills they have gained or further developed in the context of the course. The reflection also encourages students to identify ways they can take what they learned in the past and apply it in the future. This culminating piece is an important component in transferring new knowledge into practice.

Benchmark Assignments

Specific programs in the college require benchmark assessment assignments. Faculty teaching benchmark courses will be provided with additional information to support the evaluation of these assessments.

Team Assignments

Team assignments measure both criteria for the team assignment as well as the manner of interacting with other student members on the team. The rubric is designed to measure the quality of both the team process and team product. Team assignments are individually graded.