Jun 19, 2024  
2018 Faculty Handbook 
2018 Faculty Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty & Student Commons


Faculty Commons

Faculty Commons, accessible at https://ace. instructure.com/courses/1495582 or through your Canvas dashboard, is a virtual “hub” of faculty resources. On faculty commons you will find all of the following:

  • Training Resources
  • Observation Rubrics & Schedules
  • ACE Directory
  • Announcements for Faculty
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • And much more!

Please take time to explore Faculty Commons; all faculty members will have access to this valuable resource.

Student Commons

Student Commons, accessible at https://ace.instructure.com/courses/860602 or through your Canvas Dashboard, serves as the “virtual hub” for all student resources. Students are enrolled in Student Commons from the time they are enrolled at ACE and have access to all the support resources available through Student Commons. As a faculty member, you also have access to this area to assist you in seeing what resources are available to students and/or to utilize any of them in your own practice. You will find the following in Student Commons:

  • New Student Orientation
  • Writing Center
  • Digital Tools Center
  • Career Services Center
  • Internship Toolbox
  • Student Teaching Resources
  • Dissertation Resources
  • Capstone Resources
  • General Education Competency Information
  • And MUCH more!

Please take time to explore this area and feel free to refer your students to resources available on Student Commons as needed.