Jun 19, 2024  
2018 Faculty Handbook 
2018 Faculty Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Access & Delivery


Course Delivery

All courses at American College of Education are completed asynchronously through the learning management system (LMS), Canvas. Some programs may have synchronous components (field or clinical experiences) that are designated as such. As we serve adult learners, the asynchronous format supports the goal of allowing students to access their work at any time of the day. 

Detailed information about the Learning Management System (LMS) can be found in Faculty Commons (https://ace.instructure.com/courses/1495582)  

Course Access

Faculty members will gain access to their courses typically the Wednesday or Thursday before the term start. Students will gain access to the course the Friday before the term start. Please know that students are not able to submit work in the course until the official first day of the term; however, they are able to explore the content of the course once they gain access.

When you gain access to your course, the course content will be set up with all course content, including videos, readings, review materials, transcripts, announcements, and discussion boards. Faculty members are asked to set up their “Instructor Studio” in the course, add announcements, and start “fingerprinting the course” to add to the content. 

You can access Canvas by clicking on the login button on the American College of Education web site at: https://ace. instructure.com/login/canvas.