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ACE Catalog - Volume 40 
ACE Catalog - Volume 40 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Second Language Instruction, Ed.D. (Ed.S. or ABD to Ed.D. Pathway)

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Program Description

Individuals who have completed an Ed.S. degree or have completed all doctoral coursework but not completed the dissertation (ABD) are eligible for this pathway. The courses listed are to be completed at ACE to earn an Ed.D. in Second Language Instruction. Please note: students who have not completed at least 6 credits in research prior to enrolling at ACE will need to take additional research credits per the Prior Credit Considerations Grid found here .

The Ed.D. in Second Language Instruction provides an in-depth approach to research-based methods of second language learning and instructional methods for a wide range of educational environments. The degree emphasizes the use of theoretical foundations and current real-world practices to support the development of relevant curriculum to meet the needs of diverse populations of second language learners. Students completing the Ed.D. will gain experience as a scholar practitioner with the necessary skills to utilize innovative curriculum, current technology, and instruction methods relevant to second language learners’ educational needs in a variety of professional settings. Students engage in scholarly research throughout the coursework to support their final dissertation at the end of their program.

Program Outcomes 

  1. Apply in-depth, research-supported knowledge of language development and acquisition, current technology, and cultural and linguistic diversity to design and implement curriculum and instruction for second language learners.
  2. Utilize researched-based academic theory, standards, and frameworks to guide the selection of content, delivery of evidence-based instruction, enhancement of critical thinking and inquiry, and the development of original research.
  3. Analyze assessment instruments, create materials, and evaluate data to enhance the academic and social development of second language learners.
  4. Establish a culturally relevant environment by incorporating evidenced-based instructional resources, materials, and technology. 
  5. Demonstrate and participate in multiple strategies to establish and maintain partnerships among school, family, and community, and advocate for the academic and social growth of English learners. 
  6. Engage in ongoing learning and leadership communities to analyze data and instructional practices and conduct research to enhance understanding of new language learners and their academic and social needs across diverse settings. 
  7. Participate in opportunities to grow as a professional and leader in the educational field.
  8. Analyze and promote best practices in leadership.
  9. Demonstrate competence in the application of multiple research methods.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ed. D. in Second Language Instruction is to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of research-based theories of language acquisition, assessment and instructional methods, strategies that promote cultural understanding, and current best practices to meet the needs of second language learners across diverse educational settings. This program enhances real-world application of knowledge and skills to lead second language classrooms and organizations.

Credits Transferred from Prior Education (27 Semester Credits)

Course List (37 Total Semester Credits Required)

Leadership Courses (3 Semester Credits)

Research Courses (6 Semester Credits/2 Courses Required)

Two courses will be required based on transcript review. If a student does not have 6 research credits on their transcript (rare) additional credits could be required.


  • This program is neither designed nor approved (as of the publication date of this Catalog) to prepare students for licensure, certification, or endorsement in any state.
  • Check availability in your state on the Programs by State section of the ACE website.
  • This pathway does not include a Focus of Study. Please note that if you are a Georgia educator seeking an in-field certificate upgrade, you may require a concentration (Focus Of Study) in a field in which you are currently certified. This may be determined by utilizing the Georgia Professional Standards Commission - Certificate Upgrade Advisor site.

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