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2018 ACE Catalog - Volume 14 
2018 ACE Catalog - Volume 14 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education, M.Ed.

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Program Description

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Elementary Education is designed for already licensed elementary educators who seek to build their understanding of elementary pedagogy, integrate digital technology into instruction, and use assessment methods effectively to respond to students’ needs. Students will learn how to increase student achievement during the critical early years by evaluating and designing instructional methods appropriate for the developmental needs of elementary learners.

Program Outcomes

  1. Design curricula and deliver evidenced-based, differentiated, integrated instruction that is responsive to student diversity and differences and promotes high achievement and the intellectual development of all students. (III)
  2. Apply standards-based, data-driven decision making using appropriate theories, standards, frameworks, technologies, and tools to improve achievement for all students. (VII)
  3. Develop and implement evidence-based assessment strategies, and use assessment results to inform instructional decision making. (I)
  4. Demonstrate the requirements for well-organized, student-centered, positively managed, and safe learning environments, and analyze their impact on instructional effectiveness and student achievement. (VI)
  5. Participate in continuous professional learning and inquiry, and collaborate with others in a community of learners to improve student achievement. (IV, VI)
  6. Conduct research to improve practice, and apply knowledge of scientifically-based research to plan and deliver instruction for the purpose of improving the achievement and critical thinking of all students. (II, III)
  7. Describe areas of the law relevant to teaching and learning, and demonstrate behavior reflecting the high ethical standards of the teaching profession and impacting student success. (V)

Focus of Study Options


Elementary teaching requires the ability to engage learners in content areas. This Focus of Study explores effective methods and strategies for teaching the sciences, mathematics, and integrated social studies and the language arts.


Literacy is critical for future endeavors. This Focus of Study establishes the foundational elements required for effective reading and explores skill development across the formal educational experience. Attention is given to strategies and approaches required for a range of student needs.

Course List (34 Semester Credits)

Research Courses (3 Semester Credits)

Education and Teaching Core Courses (7 Semester Credits)

Digital Learning and Teaching/Technology Courses (6 Semester Credits)

Leadership Courses (3 credits)

Choose a Three-Course Focus of Study (9 Semester Credits)


  • This program is neither designed nor approved (as of the publication date of this Catalog) to prepare students for licensure, certification, or endorsement in any state.
  • Check availability in your state on the Programs by State section of the ACE website [http://www.ace.edu/admissions/programs-by-state].

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