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ACE Catalog - Volume 24 
ACE Catalog - Volume 24 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Essential Employability Skills Certificate

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Certificate Description

To be successful in today’s workforce, individuals must possess essential skills in personal, professional, and teamwork areas. These skills are highlighted in the Indiana Workforce Development Employability Skills Benchmarks and Indiana Employability Skills Standards/Competencies of Mindsets, Work Ethic, Learning Strategies, and Social and Emotional Skills. The Essential Employability Skills Certificate is comprised of 18 credits in these important areas. This certificate contains two embedded Micro-Credentials: Professional and Personal Skills and Teamwork Skills. Students may also choose from a variety of employability skills to create their own program and gain the skills they need most to advance in the workforce. Students can choose to take these courses as a part of the certificate to earn the Micro-Credentials OR they can choose any six courses from the course list.

Certificate Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate skills including reflection, self-assessment and using appropriate judgement in professional environments to facilitate experiences addressing diversity.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to succeed while applying new knowledge.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to network with others through social awareness and cultural sensitivity.
  4. Select approaches which exercise multiple perspectives to engage, team members as they consider evidence for generating new options which also help establish and maintain a climate of mutual respect.
  5. Demonstrate self-control, endurance, and capacity to complete tasks while adjusting to changing situations and responsibilities.
  6. Examine the appropriate Essential Employability Skills necessary for effective communication, decision-making, initiative and problem solving.

Micro-Credential: Teamwork Skills

  • The Teamwork Skills Micro-Credential will focus on the qualities needed to successfully work with others. These courses will address a variety of topics in order to build the interpersonal skills of the student. Teamwork skills are essential for success for individuals as well as the organization. When the student is able to organize, collaborate, and lead, they will be able to effectively work with others for the common goal. Each course will focus on a specific area that is critical to building teamwork skills.
  • The student would take the following 3 courses:
  1. GE4013 - Collaboration and Teamwork        
  2. GE4083 - Professionalism and Leadership  
  3. SOSC4003 - Global Skills and Cultural Awareness  

Micro-Credential: Personal and Professional Skills

  • The Personal and Professional Skills Micro-Credential will focus on the qualities needed to work within oneself. These courses will address the topics needed to build the intrapersonal skills of the student. The skills required are often called soft skills. Students that show strong personal and professional skills can communicate clearly, reflect, self-assess, plan and organize effectively. Each course will focus on a specific area that is critical to building personal and professional skills.
  • The student would take the following 3 courses:
  1. GE4003 - Critical Reflection and Self-Assessment  
  2. GE4033 - Planning and Organizational Skills: Time Management  
  3. GE4073 - Self-Efficacy and Self-Directed Action  


If students do not wish to earn a Micro-Credential or want to create their own certificate based on their own needs, they can choose six courses or 18 credits from the following list

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