May 25, 2024  
ACE Catalog - Volume 24 
ACE Catalog - Volume 24 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Table of Contents

A Letter from the President  

About American College of Education  

Academic Calendar  

Accreditation and Approvals   

Additional Program and Enrollment Information  

Administrative Office and Ownership  

Admissions Information  

American College of Education’s Mission, Vision and Core Values   

Policies - Attendance and Accommodation  

Policies - Collegewide Academic  

Computer Requirements  

Policies - Conferral and Commencement   


Financial Assistance Grants and Scholarships  

General Information  

Policies - Grading  

Policies - Information Literacy, Library, and Technology  

Leadership and Administration  

Military Education Benefits  

Prior Credit Evaluation/Transfer Credit  

Policies - Program Specific Academic   

Policies - Research  

Student Right to Know and Public Information  

Student Services and Support  

Student Contact, Protection, and Privacy  

Total Cost of Attendance  

Policies - Refund  


Shortcuts to Common Links:

Admissions Information  -   Re-Entry/Readmission

Admissions Information  -   Change of Start Date

Policies - Collegewide Academic  - Max time to Completion