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2018 ACE Catalog - Volume 14 
2018 ACE Catalog - Volume 14 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BE6043 - Advanced Foundations of Second Language Learners

Credits: 3
This course provides an understanding of the historical, political, social, cultural, and instructional concepts and issues that affect linguistically and culturally diverse learners in a variety of settings. Students will research and review local, state, and federal policies regarding entitlement and appropriate services for second language learners. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of language development and acquisition and design research based support and instruction for second language learners. U.S. and international program models are analyzed and current theories of Second Language Acquisition (SLA), bilingualism, and socio-cultural theories are explored for their pedagogical implications. Students will develop assessment instruments, select materials, and learn how to monitor learning outcomes to support and enhance the development of second language learners.