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ACE Catalog - Volume 33 
ACE Catalog - Volume 33 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Additional Resources

We hope you have found this Handbook helpful. In addition to this Handbook, other important resources are available for you. Please make sure you refer to tools listed below in addition to the reviewing all information posted in Student Commons.

Resource Information Provided Location
ACE Catalog College Policies, Right to Know Disclosures, Accreditation Information, Program Listings, Course Directory, Tuition Information, Student Rights and Responsibilities, and other pertinent College Information

ACE Website
Student Commons

College Directory

Who’s Who in each Department and Office at ACE

Student Commons
IRB Handbook

Important Policies & Procedures related to Research in the Doctoral Program

Student Commons 
Program Resources

Program Specific Information.  Information in regards to field experience/internships, student teaching, capstones, practicums, etc.

Student Commons
Your State Department of Education and School District

Professional licensure, certification, and salary benefit requirements for educators vary from state to state. American College of Education cannot guarantee licensure, certification, endorsement, or salary benefits. It is the students’ responsibility to understand and comply with requirements for their respective state departments of education. Where applicable, teachers are advised to contact their school districts to determine if a particular program qualifies for salary advancement.