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    Feb 27, 2021  
ACE Catalog - Volume 21 
ACE Catalog - Volume 21 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leadership and Administration

Board of Trustees

Dr. James Spaniolo, Board Chairman, Former University President, University of Texas at Arlington

Dr. Don McAdams, Board Vice Chairman, Founder and Chairman, Center for Reform of School Systems

Dr. Deborah Jewell-Sherman, Director of the Urban Superintendents Program, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Dr. Rod Paige, Former Secretary of Education, U.S. Department of Education

College Administration

Executive Leadership Team

Shawntel Landry, Ed.D., President

Bryce Peterson M.I.S, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

KK Byland, PHR, M.S., Human Resources Director

Stephanie Hinshaw, M.B.A., Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

Imani Akin, Ed.D., Research and Dissertation Coach, Department of Leadership and Administration
Krista Allison, Ph.D., Dissertation Coordinator, Leadership and Administration
Jerry Ausburn, Ed.D., Assistant Provost, Education Professions
Scott Bailey, Ed.D.,Internship Coordinator in Educational Leadership, Department of Leadership and Administration
Byron Barton, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Healthcare 
Debbie Beck, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Nursing
Robyn Burrell, B.S., Senior Director, State Licensing and Approvals, Continuous Improvement
Traci Coomer, Ph.D., Academic Initiatives Manager, Continuous Improvement
Jill Delcambre, M.Ed., Senior Director, Curriculum Production
Tiffany Hamlett, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning
Kenneth Jandes, Ed.D., Vice President, Academic Excellence 
Elizabeth Johnson, Ed.D. Director, Ed.D. & Ed.S. in Leadership and Administration, Department of Leadership and Administration
Katrina Landa, Ed.D., Teaching and Learning Program Coordinator, Department of Teaching and Learning
Laura Lundquist, Assessment and Accreditation Specialist, Continuous Improvement
Erin Maurer, M.S., Director, Office of Academic Excellence 
Catherine McKay, Ed.D., Chair, Department of Professional Educational Studies
Claudia Mitchell, RN, MSN, Ph.D., Assistant Provost, Healthcare Professions
Marsha Moore, Ph.D., MAT/T2T Program Coordinator, Department of Teaching and Learning
Howard Moskowitz, Dr. Doctoral Dissertation Coordinator
Crystal Neumann, D.B.A., Chair, Department of Leadership and Administration 
Natalie Pelham, M.Ed., Director of Training and Development 
Audra Pickett, M.Ed., Curriculum Revisions Manager, Continuous Improvement
Sandra Quiatkowski, Ph.D., M.L.S., Director, ACE Library, Office of Academic Excellence
Cynthia Rawlins, B.S., Academic Initiatives Coordinator, Continuous Improvement
Fawzia Reza, Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Advisor, Office of Academic Excellence
Courtney Shelton, M.M., Alumni Engagement Officer, Office of Academic Excellence
Lana Sloan, Ed.D., Assistant Provost, Curriculum Production Services
Kathleen Stroud, Ed.D.,Director of Educational Leadership Program, Department of Leadership and Administration
Rebecca Wiehe, Ph.D., Curriculum Revisions Manager, Continuous Improvement
Alison Witherspoon, Vice President, Continuous Improvement


Jill Algate, B.A., Executive Assistant, Office Manager, and HR Liaison


Bryce Peterson M.I.S, CPA, Chief Financial Officer 
Mary Martinez, Manager, Accounting

Information Technology

Swapnal Shah, M.S., Vice President, Technology

Office of Marketing, Field and Enrollment Operations

Christine Dickson, Digital Marketing Specialist
Jill Greer, Chief Marketing Officer
Tony Miller, M.S., Executive Director, Field Operations and Partnerships
Jenni Sopko, M.A., Senior Director, Marketing
Nicky Wiley, B.S., Senior Director, Enrollment Operations

Regulatory Affairs and Compliance

Tom Brouwer, B.A., Director, Regulatory Affairs and Compliance

Office of Student Affairs

Anissa Anderson, B.A., Director, Student Services
Bob Ernst, Vice President
Lindsay May, B.A., Registrar
Jeannie Taylor, B.A., Director, Admissions