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ACE Catalog - Volume 51 
ACE Catalog - Volume 51 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Senior Core Faculty

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Aguilar, Erick J.; D.M. in Organizational Leadership, University of Phoenix (Degree Conferred 2009); M.A. in History, University of Nebraska (Degree Conferred 2015); M.B.A. in Business Administration, Saint Leo University (Degree Conferred 2006); B.S. in Computer Information Systems, Saint Leo University (Degree Conferred 2002).

Bachelder, Francoise D.; Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, Purdue University (Degree Conferred 1997); M.A. in French, San Diego State University (Degree Conferred 1983); M.A. in Ethnology, Universite Paul Valery (Degree Conferred 1980).

Bateman, Tiffani; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership/Curriculum and Instruction, University of Phoenix (Degree Conferred 2014); M.Ed. in Emotional Disorders, University of Mary (Degree Conferred 2002); B.S. in Social Study Education, University of Mary (Degree Conferred 1999).

Boling, Jodi; M.S.N. in Advanced Practice Nursing, Valparaiso University (Degree Conferred 1999); B.S.N. in Nursing, Regis University (Degree Conferred 1994).

Bretti, Anthony T.; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Argosy University (Degree Conferred 2004); M.S. in Human Resources Management, Troy University (Degree Conferred 2000); B.S. in Resources Management, Troy University (Degree Conferred 1998).

Brewer, Ellen L.; Ed.D. in Education, Nova Southeastern University (Degree Conferred 2010); M.A. in Secondary Education-English, University of Alabama (Degree Conferred 1990); B.S. in Education, University of Alabama (Degree Conferred 1986).

Burke, Gretchen; M.S.N. in Nursing and Healthcare Education, University of Phoenix (Degree Conferred 2010); B.S.N. in Nursing, University of Phoenix (Degree Conferred 2006).

Caudill, Jason; D.M. in Management, Swiss Management Center University (Degree Conferred 2017); Ph.D. in Education, University of Tennessee (Degree Conferred 2009); M.B.A. in Business Administration, University of Tennessee (Degree Conferred 2002); B.S. in Operations Management, University of Tennessee (Degree Conferred 1999).

Chametzky, Barry; Ph.D. in Education Technology, North Central University (Degree Conferred 2013); M.Ed. in Instruction and Learning, University of Pittsburgh (Degree Conferred 1995); M.A. in French, Middlebury College (Degree Conferred 1990); M.A. in Music, Brooklyn College (Degree Conferred 1985); B.M. in Music, Brooklyn College (Degree Conferred 1983).

Clark, Joe; Ph.D. in K-12 Leadership, School Law, Kent State University (Degree Conferred 2011); M.Ed. in School Administration, Kent State University (Degree Conferred 1998); B.A. in English, Kent State University (Degree Conferred 1992)

Curtis, Rebecca R.; Ed.D. in Training Development and Leadership, North Central University (Degree Conferred 2014); M.S. in Education, University of Kansas (Degree Conferred 1993); B.G.S. in Human Development, University of Kansas (Degree Conferred 1985).

Davis, Bridgette L.; Ph.D. in Curriculum Instruction/Special Education, University of Southern Mississippi (Degree Conferred 2010); M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Education, Southeastern Louisiana University (Degree Conferred 2003); B.S. in Science Education - Biology/Chemistry, Southeastern Louisiana University (Degree Conferred 1999).

Demoulin, Don; Ed.D. in Education School Administration, Mississippi State University (Degree Conferred 1989); Ed.S. in Education Administration, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (Degree Conferred 1985); M.A. in Science, Governors State University (Degree Conferred 1979); B.S. in Geography, Eastern Illinois University (Degree Conferred 1975).

Donaldson, Audrey J.; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Nova Southeastern University (Degree Conferred 1997); M.S. in Administration and Supervision, National College of Education (Degree Conferred 1981); B.A. in English, Loyola University (Degree Conferred 1969).

Gilbert, Deborah; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Nova Southeastern University (Degree Conferred 2005); M.A. in Education, Curriculum and Technology, University of Phoenix (Degree Conferred 2002); B.A. in Spanish Literature, State University of NY at Oswego (Degree Conferred 1972).

Hickman, Lesha Dawn; Ph.D. in Professional Studies in Education, Capella University (Degree Conferred 2007); M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, Trevecca University (Degree Conferred 2001); B.S. in Special Education, Tennessee Technological University (Degree Conferred 1989).

Huffine, Debbie; Ed.S. in STEM Education, Educational Leadership, American College of Education (Degree Conferred 2019); M.S. in School Leadership, Indiana Wesleyan University (Degree Conferred 1998); B.S. in Elementary Education, Taylor University (Degree Conferred 1982).

Kanai, Therese; Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, Walden University (Degree Conferred 1994); M.Ed. in Professional Development, Heritage College (Degree Conferred 1991); B.A. in Mathematics, University of Hawaii, Manoa (Degree Conferred 1983).

Lee, Deborah D.; Ed.D. in Education Administration, Georgia Southern University (Degree Conferred 2009); Ed.S. in Educational Leadership, Georgia Southern University (Degree Conferred 1997); M.Ed. in Social Science Education, Georgia Southern University (Degree Conferred 1987); B.A. in History, Georgia Southern University (Degree Conferred 1983).

Macon, Don K.; Ph.D. in Humanities, Universidad Central de Nicaragua (Degree Conferred 2014); Certificate in Psychology in Psychology, Western New Mexico University (Degree Conferred 2012); Ed.D. in Educational Technology & E-Learning, Northcentral University (Degree Conferred 2011); M.A. in History, American Public University System (Degree Conferred 2010); B.A. in General Studies, Charter Oak State College (Degree Conferred 2008); Specialist in Education in Ed. Leadership and Instruction, Northwestern State University of Louisiana (Degree Conferred 2007); M.A. in Humanities, California State University, Dominguez Hills (Degree Conferred 2004); B.A. in English, Sul Ross State University (Degree Conferred 1984).

MacCrindle, Amy; Ed.D. in School Leadership, Concordia University (Degree Conferred 2017); M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, Purdue University (Degree Conferred 2013); M.Ed. in Reading and Literacy, Capella University (Degree Conferred 2011); M.S. in Education, Northwestern University (Degree Conferred 2008); B.M. in Music Education and Vocal Performance, Trinity University (Degree Conferred 2007)

Nank, Sean; Ph.D. in Education with concentration in Curriculum and Instruction, University of California, Riverside (Degree Conferred 2007); M.A. in Education, University of California, Riverside (Degree Conferred 2000); B.S. in Mathematics, Northern Illinois University (Degree Conferred 1996); A.S. in Mathematics, College of Lake County (Degree Conferred 1994).

Phelps, Marsha J.; Ed.D. in Adult Continuing Education-Educational Leadership, Northern Illinois University (Degree Conferred 2002); M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing, University of Chicago (Degree Conferred 1973); B.S.E. in Bachelor of Science in Education, Chicago Teachers College (Degree Conferred 1968).

Schultz, Katrina; Ed.D. in Education, Texas Wesleyan University (Degree Conferred 2014); M.Ed. in Educational Administration, Texas Wesleyan University (Degree Conferred 2008); B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies, West Texas A&M (Degree Conferred 1995).

Sloan, Brian; Ph.D. in Education Administration, Purdue University (Degree Conferred 2007); M.S.A. in Administration, University of Notre Dame (Degree Conferred 2000); B.S. in Elementary Education, Ball State University (Degree Conferred 1991).

Smith, Shon; Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership and Development, Grand Canyon University (Degree Conferred 2018); M.Ed. in Education, Cleveland State University (Degree Conferred 1997); B.S. in Education, Central State University (Degree Conferred 1991).

Tobin, Patricia; Ph.D. in Post-secondary and Adult Education, Capella University (Degree Conferred 2009); M.A. in Fine Art, California State University Fullerton (Degree Conferred 1999); B.F.A. in Fine Art in Sculpture, California State University Long Beach (Degree Conferred 1993).

Weyman, Leanne; Ed.D. in Charter School Administration, William Howard Taft University (Degree Conferred 2019); M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, American College of Education (Degree Conferred 2011).

Winans, Ashley; D.H.S. in Global Health, A.T. Still University (Degree Conferred 2016); M.S. in Health Informatics, National University (Degree Conferred 2015); M.A. in Literature, California State University - Northridge (Degree Conferred 2006); B.A. in Literature, University of California - Santa Barbara (Degree Conferred 2001).

Woods, Pamela A.; Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, Wayne State University (Degree Conferred 2011); Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction, Wayne State University (Degree Conferred 2003); M.A. in Education K-12 Art and Secondary Education, Wayne State University (Degree Conferred 2003); M.S.A. in Business Administration, Madonna University (Degree Conferred 1995); B.F.A. in Studio Art, Michigan State University (Degree Conferred 1980).

Wynn, Julius L.; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, University of South Florida (Degree Conferred 2010); M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, University of South Florida (Degree Conferred 1993); B.S. in Purchasing and Materials Management, Florida State University (Degree Conferred 1985).

Yalof, Barbara; Ed.D. in Educational Technology and E-Learning, North Central University (Degree Conferred 2012); M.Ed. in Education, Temple University (Degree Conferred 1978); B.S. in Education, Temple University (Degree Conferred 1976).