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ACE Catalog - Volume 42 
ACE Catalog - Volume 42 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Organizational Leadership Certificate

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Master’s Level Certificate

Certificate Description

The Certificate in Organizational Leadership supports leadership as a personal and professional journey preparing graduate students to contribute to their professional communities as highly effective leaders capable of addressing real-world problems through evidence-based decision making, the use of leadership frameworks, theories and philosophies, communication, collaboration, ethics, cultural responsiveness, strategic planning, and innovation, through a variety of settings, including virtual workplaces. The certificate provides leadership skill development that spans across all disciplines including education, healthcare, nursing, administration, and business.

Certificate Outcomes

  1. Apply leadership frameworks, theories and philosophies to effectively promote thriving professional organizations. 
  2. Effectively promote leadership as a personal and professional journey to foster successful professional communities.
  3.  Address complex organizational problems through evidence-based decision making, as well as through the development and distribution of leadership in professional settings.
  4. Utilize collaborative team building to strengthen professional relationships and facilitate strategic planning to improve organizational effectiveness. 
  5. Apply ethical principles to ensure the highest values of social interaction within the climate, culture, and diversity of various settings. 
  6. Engage in the pursuit of relevant intellectual understanding related to critical aspects of supporting problem solving and maximizing the benefits of diverse thoughts. 

Mission Statement

The certificate supports students who are in public or nonprofit service or who aspire to be and who want to broaden or establish career pathways to leadership positions. The program is aligned with the ACE mission to serve those who serve others, particularly those who want to assume a leadership role or learn about a societal sector that stirs their passion. The Certificate is designed to help sharpen critical thinking, decision-making, leadership skills and increase societal and global awareness.


  • This program is neither designed nor approved (as of the publication date of this Catalog) to prepare students for licensure, certification, or endorsement in any state.
  • Check availability in your state on the Programs by State section of the ACE website.

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