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ACE Catalog - Volume 37 
ACE Catalog - Volume 37 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing Education, Ed.D.

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Program Description

The Doctorate in Nursing Education (Ed.D.) is designed for nurses with a master’s degree who want to become nurse educators in either the academic or professional development arenas. The degree equips the nurse educator with the necessary competencies to create and evaluate curriculum, manage classrooms, develop effective teaching strategies, conduct program evaluation, and utilize innovative technology to educate the next generation of nurses. Using a unique interdisciplinary approach, the program focuses on the science of teaching and learning for the Nurse Educator. Students will engage in scholarly research throughout the coursework to support their final dissertation.

Program Outcomes

  1. Integrates theoretical frameworks from nursing, higher education, and related disciplines to design transformational nursing education and inform the role of the nurse educator.
  2. Demonstrate expertise in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of innovative nursing curriculum to improve nursing education and reflect trends in higher education, healthcare, and nursing practice.
  3. Combine expert knowledge of ethical, social, global, cultural, political, and economic issues affecting nursing education to provide innovative educational leadership.
  4. Provide visionary leadership to effect change in nursing education through adoption of a servant leadership mind-set and service to the profession. 
  5. Create a collaborative culture and function as a member of the community of scholars. 
  6. Foster collaboration across and between disciplines to enhance interprofessional partnerships in clinical practice and education.
  7. Summarizes resources needed related to the effective development, implementation, and evaluation of nursing education.
  8. Role model professional expertise and the value of lifelong learning in the role of nurse educator and educational leader.
  9. Contribute to the advancement of the science of nursing education through intellectual inquiry, dissemination, and creative scholarship. 
  10. Analyze and promote best practices in leadership.
  11. Demonstrate competence in the application of multiple research methods.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ed.D. in Nursing Education is to provide a research intensive, evidenced-based approach to nursing education. Students will be given the tools to transform nursing education by becoming exceptional educators and leaders who use forward-thinking, evidence-based innovation, and collaboration to transform organizations and systems within a global society.

Focus of Study Options

Adult and Continuing Education  

The Adult and Continuing Education focus of study is designed to help professionals gain the necessary knowledge in the area of adult learning and continuing education. It provides a framework focused on the major theories of adult education, instructional strategies for the adult learner, critical analysis of instructional programs, and assessment of the adult learner. 

Curriculum and Instruction  

The Curriculum and Instruction focus of study prepares students for today’s educational environments.  Today’s learning environments require understanding critical aspects of how learning happens for a diverse population spanning multiple ages.  This focus of study examines how standards shape assessment while building needed skills in content areas each strengthen by the ability to read well.    

Educational and Community Organizations 

The Educational and Community Organizations focus of study prepares individuals to lead in diverse settings, to handle transition and change, and effectively communicate to stakeholders. These skills are essential for sustainable growth, enhanced functionality and use of emerging technologies.  As an effective executive, approaches to motivate and ways to influence others are considered on a corporate and individual level.  Knowledgeable leadership creates high-performing individuals who support the mission and goals of an organization. 

Health and Wellness  

The Health and Wellness focus of study provides students with the information necessary to expand their knowledge in the health and wellness field.  The program provides content that includes not only the fundamentals of health and wellness, but also the theories, systems, and policies.  Students enrolled in this focus of study will be provided the opportunity to learn foundational leadership skills in health education.  

Higher Education  

The Higher Education focus of study is intended to prepare administrators in acquiring or enhancing necessary skills to successfully lead higher education institutions. The courses offer a broad perspective of critical issues facing higher education, emphasizing the complexity of student concerns while balancing the demands of outside constituents, e.g. accreditors, state and federal regulators, community, students, and faculty. Designed to complement and support professional agendas, individual studies prepare leadership to understand the integrated aspects of complex systems influenced by modern societal issues.  


The Leadership focus of study supports candidates who seek to serve in leadership positions or grow in their leadership practice. Students expand their knowledge in key areas such as ethics, resource management, coaching, strategic planning and organizational culture to become more confident in their advanced leadership practice throughout diverse organizational settings.

Online Education  

The Online Education focus of study supports candidates who seek to serve as technology leaders and emphasizes new ways of thinking about technology and the integration of applications. Learning how to design environments which enhance and support organizational goals are considered to maximize learning for both individual and corporate purposes.  

Course List (64 Total Semester Credits)

Leadership Courses (3 Semester Credits)

Choose a Six-Course Focus of Study (18 Semester Credits)

General Track

Any six courses selected from above, ACE graduate level courses, or doctoral courses transferred in.  


  • This program is neither designed nor approved (as of the publication date of this Catalog) to prepare students for licensure, certification, or endorsement in any state.
  • Check availability in your state on the Programs by State section of the ACE website.

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