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ACE Catalog - Volume 48 
ACE Catalog - Volume 48 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Capstone Information

Components of the Capstone Experience

The Capstone Experience will be an exciting time because it means you’ve reached the end of your program. The capstone experience is a culminating project in which you leverage the knowledge and skills gained across your entire program. The capstone involves both reflective and forward-looking components. While reflecting on what you’ve accomplished is important, looking ahead and planning to put into practice the things you’ve learned is equally important.

All of the capstone components will be completed within the timeframe of the capstone course; no preparation is needed other than a continual reflection on the next steps in your journey. 

Some programs include additional assignments and requirements for the completion of your capstone. Details for additional components will be shared during courses throughout your program or within your capstone course.

Maximum Number of Enrollment in Capstone 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, times may exist when students cannot complete their capstone prior to their intended graduation date/end of program. If either a capstone is not completed, students can be re-enrolled in these courses as long as they do not exceed the maximum number of enrollments as defined below. If a student is not successful after the designated number of course registrations, they will be administratively withdrawn from the College.

* Capstone: Students can take the Capstone course (5 week course) no more than five times (25 weeks of course time) during and enrollment at ACE.

RN to MSN and BSN to MSN Capstone Experience


The RN to MSN program has a capstone course at both the bachelors level (NUR4093 ) and masters level (NUR5094  or NUR5194 ).  Specific information can be found in RN to MSN Student Resources in Student Commons.


The BSN to MSN program has a graduate level capstone experience at the masters level (NUR5094  or NUR5194 ). Specific information can be found in the Nursing Student Resources in Student Commons. Please refer to the MSN Graduate Capstone/Practicum Handbook.

The following components are required for completion of the Capstone Experience for RN to MSN and BSN to MSN:

Original Contribution-Change Project

The Original Contribution is an evidence-based change project that grows out of the student’s interest in a specific patient population, professional nursing role and/or healthcare setting. In the Original Contribution, students will identify a need or problem that exists in a healthcare setting, as well as implement and evaluate a plan to resolve the problem. In addition, students will have the opportunity to share how their leadership practice has grown and will continue to grow as a result of program completion. Students will reflect on their leadership journey in this assignment and the knowledge they have developed to help guide others in the future.

Clinical Practicum Hours

A 200 hour practicum is embedded in the program and required for program completion.  To avoid disruption in course sequence the following must be completed before enrollment in subsequent term(s) or enrollment in the capstone/practicum course can occur:

  1. Clinical practice site and preceptor approval must occur three (3) terms prior to beginning the practicum experience; and 
  2. Any required documents which may include, but are not limited to liability insurance, background check, drug screening, immunizations, proof of health insurance, evidence of HIPAA training, and current CPR certification must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to beginning the practicum experience.