May 26, 2024  
ACE Catalog - Volume 27 
ACE Catalog - Volume 27 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

National Faculty

Becerra, Sarah; Ph.D. in Family Studies, Texas Woman’s University (Degree Conferred 2006); M.S. in Family Therapy, Texas Woman’s University (Degree Conferred 1998); B.A. in Psychology and Sociology, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire (Degree Conferred 1995).

Deyoe-Chiullan, Rita M.; Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and MC and BL, Kansas State University (Degree Conferred 1976); M.A. in Speech, Education and Curriculum/Instruction, Kansas State University (Degree Conferred 1971); B.A. in Speech, Education and Curriculum/Instruction, Kansas State University (Degree Conferred 1968).

Hughes, Jo A.; Ph.D. in Public Affairs, University of Texas at Dallas (Degree Conferred 2010); M.Ed. in Mid-Management Administrator, North Texas State University (Degree Conferred 1984); B.S. in Elementary Education, University of Texas (Degree Conferred 1973).

Krumnow, Patricia; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Georgia Southern University (Degree Conferred 2010); Ed.S. in Teaching and Learning, Georgia Southern University (Degree Conferred 2005); M.Ed. in Middle Grades Math and Science, Georgia Southern University (Degree Conferred 2003); B.S. in Secondary Science Education, Charleston Southern University (Degree Conferred 1999).

Lamer, Maryann; Ph.D. in Education, Oklahoma State University (Degree Conferred 2007); M.B.A. in Business Administration, Southern Nazarene University (Degree Conferred 2000); M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Oklahoma (Degree Conferred 1994); B.S. in Communications, University of Tulsa (Degree Conferred 1991).

McPherson, Rebekah M.; Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, University of North Texas (Degree Conferred 2010); M.S. in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems, University of North Texas (Degree Conferred 2005); B.F.A. in Studio Art: Graphic Design, Baylor University (Degree Conferred 2003).

Mowery, Ann M.; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Delaware (Degree Conferred 1994); M.A. in Elementary curriculum with a specialization in computer assisted learning, Arizona State University (Degree Conferred 1972); B.A. in Elementary Education, Arizona State University (Degree Conferred 1971).

Myers, Joyce; Ed.D. in Early Childhood Education, University of North Texas (Degree Conferred 2009); M.R.E. in Christian Education, Southern Baptist Theological Seminal (Degree Conferred 1977); B.A. in History, Elementary Education, Mercer University (Degree Conferred 1972).

Quarterman, F. Camilla; Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Union Institute and University (Degree Conferred 2005); M.Ed. in Education, Cambridge College (Degree Conferred 1998); B.S. in Criminology, Florida State University (Degree Conferred 1985).

Smith, William James; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, NorthCentral University (Degree Conferred 2009); M.A. in Educational Leadership, Western Michigan University (Degree Conferred 1995); B.S. in History, Grand Valley State (Degree Conferred 1991).

Summerville, Jennifer; Ph.D. in Educational Technology, University of Northern Colorado (Degree Conferred 1997); M.S. in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems, University of North Texas (Degree Conferred 1993); B.B.A. in Marketing, Baylor University (Degree Conferred 1990).

Weindorf, Justin M.; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Nova Southeastern University (Degree Conferred 2008); M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Nova Southeastern University (Degree Conferred 2002); B.S. in Criminology, University of Florida (Degree Conferred 1998).